Montana Precision Products Employment Application

It is the policy of Montana Precision Products (MPP) to employ, train, compensate, promote and provide other terms and conditions of employment without regard to a person’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law. This application is to be completed in full. Please print or type. Please answer every question. MPP is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Employment Eligibility

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 prohibits the employment of unauthorized aliens, and requires employers to verify the employment eligibility of any new employees. An offer of employment made by the Company will be conditioned upon your providing the documentation required by law as evidence of your personal identity and your authorization to work in the United States. Any offer of employment is also conditioned upon the successful completion of a background investigation and a drug screen.

Privacy Statement

At MPP we are committed to protecting your privacy. Your personal information will be maintained in a secure location, and will be processed by a third party provider for purposes of conducting background investigations. Your personal information will be used for recruitment, for human resource processes and background check purposes. It will be protected according to our data protection standards. By submitting your personal information and signing the application, you agree that MPP may process it for recruitment, human resources processes and background check purposes.

  • Personal Information

  • Job Interest

  • Education

  • High School or GED (testing site)

  • Trade School/Technical School

  • College

  • Graduate School

  • Other

  • Prior Address Information

  • Please indicate all addresses (other than the current address at the top of this form) that you have used in the last seven years.

  • Employment

  • If yes, dates employed:
  • Starting with your current or most recent employment, list all previous employers. Please include self- employment, military service, summer and part time jobs for at least the last seven years. Include at least your three most recent employers, if applicable. Must be completed in full for each employer. Writing “See Resume” is not acceptable. If a contract worker assignment, list the name of the company that paid you, not the company where you were assigned to work.

    Current/Previous Employer

    Please use complete names - no abbreviations. If self-employed, indicate the name of the business entity)

  • References

  • Please list 3 business or school related references that may be contacted regarding your application. Do not include relatives.

  • Additional Information

  • State any additional information you feel may be helpful in considering your application. This could include any specialized training or courses you have completed that will aid in evaluating your qualifications for the position you are seeking. (Example: if appling for a clerical position, note training such as work processing, computer, hardware, software, etc.).
  • Application Release and Acknowledgement

  • I understand that MPP requires certain information about me to evaluate my qualifications for employment and to conduct its business if I become an employee. Therefore I authorize MPP to investigate my past employment, educational credentials, and other employment related activities. I agree to cooperate in such investigations and release those parties supplying such information to MPP from all liability or responsibility with respect to information supplied.

    I agree that the company may use the information it obtains concerning me in the conduct of its business. I understand that such use may include disclosure outside the Company in those cases where its agents and contractors need such information to perform their function, where the company’s legal interests and/or obligations are involved, or where there is a medical emergency involving me. I understand, however, that the Company intends to protect the confidentiality of personal information it obtains concerning me to the extent required by law.

    I agree that I will not disclose or use while interviewing with or employed with MPP any confidential or proprietary information of others including any former employer.

    I understand that any false answers or statements made by me on this application, any supplement thereto (including, but not limited to, the Criminal Conviction Questionnaire, as applicable) or in connection with the above mentioned investigations may be grounds for refusal of employment, invalidate my employment or, if employed, will be sufficient grounds for immediate discharge and render me ineligible for any Company benefits.

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